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Kington Show 2016 Championship

Ridden Hunters (Unaffiliated)

         Judge:  Louise Daly MFH

                  Champion:           Zara Owen with Hokey Cokey

                  Reserve Champion:         W F Adams with Jubilee Park


Race Horse to Riding Horse

                  Judge: Sally Pearson and Louise Daly MFH

                  First:      Helen Patricia Gale with Well Hello There

                  Second:                       Margaret Gardiner and Sarah Drysdale  with Time for Rupert

                  Third:       Andy Fakley with Kindlelight Sun (JPN)


In Hand Hunters (Unaffiliated)

                  Judge: Louise Daly MFH

                  Champion:           Rosita Hamar with Hide’n’Seek

                  Reserve Champion:         Mrs H Webb with Archfield Kristina


Side Saddle

                  Judge: Mrs Sue Eeley

                  First:      Mrs B Gough with Molton Hareton Ridden by Kate Mills

                  Second:   G & C Morgan with Airyhope Foxglove


Children’s Ridden Show Pony

                  Judge: Julie Crowley

                  First:      Liz Samuel with Rhydspence Poppet ridden by Jess Samuel

                  Second:     Michelle Badman with Romano Royal Excellence ridden by Leo Cowley


Open First Ridden & Lead Rein

                  Judge: Julie Crowley

Champion:           Michelle Badman with Romano Royal Excellence ridden by Leo Cowley



Heritage Ridden Mountain & Moorland

                  Judge: Julie Crowley

                  Champion:    Donna Checkley with  Serenteifi Morgan Llwyd ridden by Verity Checkley

                  Reserve:       Mrs J Price with Popsters Movie Star


Ridden Mountain and Moorland Lead Rein & First Ridden

                  Judge: Julie Crowley

                  Champion:     Jayne Neath with Fingle Bridge Funtime ridden by Millie Neath

                  Reserve:     Michelle Badman with Glynoch Goldflake ridden by Leo Cowley


Welsh Section A

Judge:    Mr S P Williams

Champion:      HJ & HR Hopkinson with Islyn Pabi

Reserve Champion:         Matthew Record with Friars Cara Wen


Welsh Section B

Judge: Mr S P Williams

Champion:           J Matthews and SA Jones with Kyneton Wisteria

Reserve Champion:         Mrs J Gibbons with Kilmore Fairy King  


Welsh Section C

                  Judge: Mr John T Kirk

                  Champion:           J Batt with Abergavenny Glory Bee

                  Reserve Champion:         Maggie Ballard with Blaencila Poppy


Welsh Section D

            Judge: Mr John T Kirk

                  Champion:           Dawn Thomas with Brenig Mellitgedig

                  Reserve Champion:         Mr & Mrs L R Bowen with Ridgbow Megan


Coloured Horse and Pony

                  Judge: Mrs Emma Rees

Champion:           Mr & Mrs D & T Mitchell with Weggs Hurrican Marley ridden by Teri Mitchell

Reserve Champion:         Emma Coates with Two Tone


Pony Club

                  Judge: Mrs Sue Eeley & Dr Judith Johnson

                  First:      Esme Fellows with Conker

                  Second:                       Kay Spencer with Cleo


Ridden Traditional Cob

                  Judge:   Mrs Sue Eeley and Dr Judith Johnson

                  Champion: Camilla Clark with Jonweb Tara

                  Reserve:   Julie Carpenter with Dilwyn Dandy


Excersise and Pleasure Drive

                  Judge: Mr Trevor Teague

                  Champion:  Mrs J L Cartwright with Paddyson Boy


Shetland Ponies

                  Judge: Mr R L Griffiths

                  Champion Standard:      P & K Hampton with Lathom Joyful

                  Champion Miniature:    Clifford Percy with Snelsmore Nevada

                  Reserve Standard:           Donna Checkley with Serenteifi Morgan Llwyd

                  Reserve Miniature:         Glen Smith with Gott Mabs

Champion Ridden:           Donna Checkley with Serenteifi Morgan Llwyd ridden by Verity Checkley


Working Hunter (Unaffiliated)

                  Judge: Mr & Mrs N C Stirling

                  Champion:           Cherie Anne Bufton with Just A Splash

                  Reserve:                George  Byatt with Hawksmoor Roly


Champion Horse Class

                  Judge:  Mr Terry Court

                  Champion: J Batt with Abergavenny Glory Bee

                  Reserve Champion: Mr & Mrs Mitchell with Wegs Hurrican Marley



Hereford Cattle

                  Judge: Mr Eamon McKiernan

                  Champion:           DE ED & AL Jones with Dendor 1 Molly 41st

                  Reserve Champion: P & E Williams with Dendor Montana


British Blue Cattle

                  Judge: Mr Chris Jerman

                  Champion:           Nigel Pritchard with Norton Jessie

                  Reserve Champion:  Nigel Pritchard with Norton Juggernaut


Limousin Cattle

                  Judge: Mr Chris Jerman

                  Champion:           T & S Jones with Sherry Joules

                  Reserve:                T & S Jones with Sherry Little Gem


Any other breed Cattle

                  Judge: Mr Chris Jerman

                  Champion:           SM Corbett & Daughters with Midas Lady            

                  Reserve Champion:


Commercial Cattle

                  Judge: Mr Philip Price

                  Champion:           James May with Tinkerbell

                  Reserve Champion:         Miss Annie Lewis with Maybe This Time


Interbreed Champion Cattle Pairs

                  Judge: Mr Clive Roads

                  Champion:           Nigel Pritchard with Norton Juggernaut and Norton Jessie


Overall Inter-beed Cattle Champion

                  Judge:   Mr Clive Roads

                  Champion:           SM Corbett & Daughters with Midas Lady

                  Reserve Champion:         Nigel Pritchard with Norton Juggernaut


Young Handler Cattle

                  Judge: Mr Clive Roads

                  First:      Alan Watkins

                  Second:                     Owen Phillips


                  Judge: Mrs Cath Kewley

                  Champion:           Tom Ryan Evans  -  Shearling Ram

                  Reserve Champion:         Tom Ryan Evans   -  Shearling Ewe

Most Points:   Tom Ryan Evans


Ryeland Sheep

                  Judge: Laura Ann Howell

                  Champion:           K & T Wright  -  Ram


Coloured Ryeland Sheep

                  Judge: Mr Ifan Lloyd MRCVS

                  Champion:           A & H Watson  -  Ram

                  Reserve Champion:         Amanda Ryder  -  Ewe Lamb



                  Judge: Mr Stephen Hardwick

Texel Championship Shield:    GP & M Jones

Any other Continental

                  Judge: Mr Mark Eckley

Champion:     DT & SM Owens  -  Ram

Reserve:       Kate Gunn  -  Ewe


Any other Native Lowland Sheep

                  Judge: Mr Iain Turner

Champion:           DT & SM Owens Ram

Reserve:                Messrs Alderson & Murphy  -  Ewe



                  Judge: Mr B Evans

Champion:           Windrush Farming Partners  -  Ewe

Reserve:                Carl Gwynne  -  Ewe Lamb


Badger Face

                  Judge: Mr Christie Joseph

                  Champion:           J Matthews & SA Jones  -  Ewe Lamb

                  Reserve Champion:      Ellie Layton  -  Shearling Ewe


Any other Hill Breed

                  Judge: Mr Clive Rogers

                  Champion:           Mr Thomas & Mr Bevan  -  Ram

                  Reserve Champion:         Victoria Caine  -  Ewe




Butcher’s Lamb

Judge: Mr David Rogers

Champion:           DE & CA Evans


Supreme Champion Sheep

                  Judge: Mr Brian Davies

                  Champion:           GP & M Jones  -  Texel

                  Reserve Champion:         Tom Ryan Evans  -  Kerry


Champion Carcass

         Judge  Mrs Geraldine Like

            Champion – DE & CA Evans


Young Handlers Sheep

                  Judge: Mr Brian Davies

                  Champion:           Harry Watson

                  Reserve:                Will Herdman


Overall Show Champion       

Judge:  Mr Richard Gwilliam, president of Kington Show

                  Champion:   S M Corbett & Daughters  with Midas Lady                 



Judge: Mrs Mary Preece

Best in Show:     Chris Bufton & SJH Machinery

Horticultural Results



Dalgety Challenge Rose Bowl - Dennis Phillips

Dorothy Jones Memorial Cup-Philip Sell


Division 1

Dr C D Edwards Cup-John Bufton

Challenge Best Exhibit-Graham Handley

Banks Medal -Tony Cadman


Division 2

W L Banks Challenge Cup -Flo Adams

Mrs L B Newell Cup -Flo Adams

Melanie Smith Cup -Dave Preece

Mr A Hawksby -Flo Adams

David Hart Cup- M J Probert

Alice Cowdell Cup -Flo Adams

Mr Henry Mills Cup- Nan Thomas


Division 3

Heather Phillips Silver Salver- Lucy Meredith

Pryce & Edith Burgoyne Cup -Ester Simpson

Challenge Cup most Points -  Sue Hamer

C A Neville Parker Award- Sue Hamer


Division 4

Major Thompson Challenge Cup -Joint Kate Morgan Heather Jerman

Silver Salver Best Exhibit- Elizabeth Walker


Preserves & Produce

George Malcolm Kent Cup- Nan Thomas

Arrow Vale Wine Cup- Pam Mosedale



Arthur Bowden Cup -Ester Simpson

Major Thompson 1936 Cup- Carol Thomas


Art & Photography

Mr F H Hammond Cup- Nan Thomas



5 yrs & under -Evie Jones

6 – 8 yrs 

Challenge Cup    Aidan Priday

9 – 12 yrs

Mrs E M Lloyd Cup -Poppy Artus

Trophy 18 yrs & under -Lucy Meredith 




Best In Show Judge: Mr Tom Mather (Barklots)


BEST IN SHOW                    Collett & Penwarne - Shetland Sheepdog - Bitch                   (Gloucester)                         COLMAE CATCH THE CHARM                              


RESERVE BEST IN SHOW   Vernon Mrs K L - Greyhound - Bitch                             

                                                ARTEFAKT GALA (IMP RUS) 


BEST PUPPY IN SHOW       Mr N Riley - Welsh Terrier - Bitch                                  

(West Midlands)                  YONICHI PISTOL RAIDER


RESERVE BEST PUPPY IN  Mrs V Jones - Rottweiler - Dog

        SHOW                            WESTFALEN HOT FUZZ






Judge:    Mrs E Newberry


BEST IN SHOW                    Gail Jones  - Cocker Spaniel (Cole)


RESERVE BEST IN SHOW  Moe Dixon Hardwick - Pomerarian (Maggie)


BEST PUPPY                         Linda Owen - Llasa Apso (Merlin)


RESERVE BEST PUPPY       Angharad Cullen - Basset Hound (Lady)




Winner: Ms Lucy Blane with her HPR called Jaeger (also won it last year);


Second: Mr. Wayne Pugh with his Springer Spaniel called Maverick;


Third: Mrs Vicki Payment with her Springer Spaniel called Purdie.